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DES is  a revolutionary coronary support device ,   but it was always a suspect  when it came to STEMI and primary PCI .

How good and safe is DES in STEMI ?

Cardiologist were always beating around the bush for a specific answer to this question.

The general  principles and background

DES was thought to be unsafe in a thrombotic milieu .(DES was notorious for acute stent thrombosis) .Still ,first generation DES ( Sirolimus and Paclitaxel ) were thought to be unsafe in STEMI .However anecdotal evidence suggested DES reduced stent thrombosis  . .Then came the 2nd generation DES (Zotarolimus and Everolimus ) . There was a  excitement every where .The logic  was   “If first generation of DES is not good . 2nd generation  must be good”   What a way to think scientifically .Wisdom  did not prevail  . Many started using ZOTA /EVERO  in STEMI  .(Medtronic and Abbot were silently enjoying the scenario !)  And now finally Everolimus was tested with BMS in  STEMI .

That is EXAMINATION trial for you  . . . Published in Lancet  September 2012

It  has found  2nd Generation DES are not superior to BMS in STEMI in terms of  patient outcome . The study broadly concluded  that  the patient related parameter did not show any significant difference  while  stent related outcome seemed  fare better.

Why this patient – stent dissociation ?

How can large group of patient who  have more stent thrombosis and TVR ,  still  no correspondingly increased ACS or deaths

Does this mean  these stent thrombosis are safe events ?

The answer lies in the fundamentals. The  stents  represent  anatomical  correction  , while  the patient  outcome depend   more on physiology ( flow )  so we are back to square one  to the fundamental  coronary conflict  ie  improving anatomy need not impact physiology.

Critical comments

After reading the EXAMINATION  trial  I asked my third year fellow .

What was  the re-stenosis rate  in DES vs BMS  at 6 months ?

He said this study never analysed the issue of re-stenosis  .

I asked him , Are you sure ?

He confirmed it with a firm Yes.   And then , I found this

                                   A shocking omission for a study which is supposed to answer a   critical question whether
                                   DES is good for   STEMI in the long term
Final message
What a way to conduct a large  land mark study ?
This  study   never bothered to find out the re-stenosis rate  with DES  after  primary PCI and compare it with BMS  .
In fact they have conveniently mentioned ,  follow up angiogram was not part of the study protocol .
I concluded  at the end of journal  review meet   , that  this  EXAMINATION  was not properly conducted   and DES may come back with a vengeance   in the near future !

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