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This happened  recently in one of my private ER visits. When I asked my fellow to lyse a patient with STEMI who arrived within 20 minutes after the onset of chest pain to our CCU.

He was reluctant and surprised, seemed to suggest  thrombolysis is a banished indication.

I asked him , whether he is aware of any study  that showed early , fast pre-hospital thrombolysis is as good as primary PCI ?

Yes sir. . but these studies clearly say it is useful only if its done prehospitally sir, not inside the hospital or coronary care units. 

I told him to think CCU as an ambualnce ,consider the patient is  in transit and  lyse him.

He was amused , as it looked  a comical concept and an unscientific uttering from a professor !

Still, he was courteous enough to follow my advice.The  patient stabilised within 6 hours and the ST segment  resoluted to near 100 % , No LV dysfunction.Discharged in 48 hours.

Final message

I realised in a harsh way , modern day scientists driven by evidence would struggle to regain the lost common sense ! There is a real risk for  irreversible damage to our faculty of wisdom !

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