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Aspirin under attack  . . . not by  Gastro-enterologists  this time ,  but by cardiologists themself  !

Aspirin , after all may not be safe ,  as a primary prevention drug against CAD . It  seems ,  it considerably increases  the risk of   bleeding . The  new meta analysis just published in Archives of internal medicine  says so !

Be cautious it concludes  !  Since the  track record of evidence  based  medical science  ( and its reproducibility  )   looks   pathetic  in recent times  ,  we may expect another  stunning  study  very soon , with an exactly opposite conclusion  !

After thought

So , we have a  “vacancy  in  the top slot”  for primary prevention of CAD . Mind you ,  makers of  Prasugrel and  Ticagrelor  are already  fastening their seat belts !

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