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95 % of hypertension is designated as primary HT .What does it mean ?  It means  95 % of times  we do not   know what  exactly is the cause for raised blood pressure  . Simply stated  . . . it  reflects 95% ignorance .

So what is secondary hypertension ?

Secondary HT is the one,  in which we have specific reason for the raised BP.  The most important cause is Renal  ,  endocrine etc.

When will you suspect renal HT ?


How is secondary HT different ?

  • Occur at relatively at young age (<45)
  • It is generally more severe.
  • Diastolic BP is proportionately  higher ,
  • End organ damage is more.
  • It is very unlikely primary HT to present as acute LVF.  One rule of thumb is ,  if diastolic blo0d pressure is > 120 never diagnose  primary HT . Some amount of renal component is very likely.

Is stress related HT a form of secondary HT ?


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