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Cardiac myxomas are rare tumors. But they present in a dramatic way. It can have  severe  systemic symptoms and present even as  fever of unknown origin ! While , physicians  of  previous era were struggling to make a ante-mortem diagnosis we are blessed  to make a instant  diagnosis with echocardiography !

Want answers  for all these  from the original researchers ?

  • What is the pathology  myxoma ?
  • What  are the  classical Locations ?
  • Difference between Sessile Vs pedunculated
  • Soft vs Hard
  • Benign vs malignant / Locally invasive
  • Recurrent myxomas
  • Vascularity  of myxoma
  • Calcification (RA myxoma> La Myxoma)
  • Non atrial  myxomas(Valvular  papillary myxoma)
  • The  Cell of origin (Stellate , polyhydral )

You  will not get a better reference than the following article , including extensive illustrations . An 1980 article from  Mayo clinic published in American journal of pathology


LA myxoma  : A Video

A case reported from my hospital Hosted as Video presentation  Follow the link


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