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Why Junctional rhythm has huge variation in P wave morphology ?

P waves in junctional rhythm can be

  1. Upright
  2. Iso-electric
  3. Inverted
  4. or  even absent

It depends upon the origin of junctional focus

  1. Site of  entry into RA
  2. Ability to capture inter -nodal pathways  and inter -atrial pathways ,
  3.  VA conduction velocity

Further ,the appearance and timing of P waves will be determined by the underlying structural heart disease also.

Final message

Medical  students  have  grown  up with the belief that  AV junction is a single  focused point .It is  true  in terms  of electrical circuitry  of  normal AV conduction .However  during pathological electrical disorders ( Which arise often because of structural disorder) it should be realised   the AV junction is a huge plane   .   Arrhythmia can occur anywhere from this plane .The entire plane  can become electrically active which may also  acquire the  ability to conduct bi-directionally .

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