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Vasovagal syncope is the commonest cause for syncope in our population.It is also referred to as simple syncope .The mechanism is thought to be  an abnormal overshoot  response  by the vagus  in response to a  sudden surge of  adrenegic activity  usually occurring  in erect posture following   , often an emotional or physically stress full situation .The  receptors for  this  reflex pathway is thought to be located  left ventricular myocardium .

There are  two components  for  the VV syncope

  • Cardio inhibitory
  • Vaso depressive.

The quantum of contribution  by each component in a given episode of syncope varies. Pure vasodepressive or cardioinhibitory forms can occur .

Diagnostic issue

Before labeling  a patient as simple vasovagal syncope all potentially serious , cardiac causes must be ruled out. this may require a fairly extensive investigation in some

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Management of vasovagal syncope.

  • Reassurance is the mainstay . By this we mean , V V syncope may never kill . . .
  • Prevention  – Involves  identifying syncope prone situations  & taking precaution
  • Emotional support
  • Pharmacological approach

Some will benefit from beta blockers, fludro cortisone(Increase the intra and extra cellular  fluid space )

Since  these are   simple ,   cheap  treatments ,  we worked over time to innovate  &   find some interventional solutions for this life threatening condition !!!.  Thus ,  the indication for cardiac pacing for vasovagal syncope came into vogue .

DDDR pacemaker was implanted worldwide for thousands of patients with vasovagal syncope .

It took  many years  for our  intellectual brains  to realise ,  there are  two limbs to vasovagal syncope Pacemakers ,  at  no stretch of imagination  is expected to counter vasodepresssive component of the syncope.

And then this article came !


Water ,  (Simple  H2O ! ) administered at right time in right quantity can prevent most  episodes of vaso vagal syncope . When a tumbler of water can be substituted for a  10000 $ misadventure  (DDD pacing)  , and  further  we have  hundreds  of similar examples in modern  day health care  ,   no surprise  why our health care system is  sinking  along  with our economy !

Epilogue :

In this  21st century   medical “AVATAR ”  , we need to realise   in a strong manner,   low cost  medicines  often   provide   high  quality  cure  ” while ,”   many of the  high cost  therapies  may  end up in  low quality  treatment !

It took 50 years of intense research of  medical comunity to realise ,  a good diet , physical activity and quitting smoking has the greatest way to control  and reverse  the cardiovascular epidemic . Please , note all of them come at free of cost .

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