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Each of the above can be important in diseased heart .The most important component seems to be Inter- ventricular  synchrony .This is closely followed by AV synchrony .In dysfunctional  ventricles Intra-ventricular  synchrony  also becomes important .In  structurally  normal hearts  none seems to be important  (This statement can be debated  )

VVI pacemakers causes  both AV  and Inter-ventricular (VV ) dys-synchrony

DDD pacemaker  may still  induce  Inter-ventricular ( VV ) dys-synchrony  whenever  RV is paced for any reason .This may happen up to 60 % of pace making time in real world.

Some more facts

*Chronic VVI pacing may  induce adverse  remodeling of both atria and may worsen LV dilatation. In contrast isolated chronic organic LBBB is well tolerated and with paradoxical septal motion rarely worsen the LV function.

**Please note the paradoxical septal motion , which is  noted in  all LBBBs is  same as inter-ventricular  dyssynchrony .

***Inter atrial synchrony is a less discussed issue .It becomes  important in diseased atria which manifest gross   intra atrial conduction blocks  , atrial inhomogeneity and AF .Onset and offset  of AF has a major impact in the way DDD pacing is going to fire .

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