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Many modern  day cardiologists  consider  doing echo ,  a mean job and leave it to  technicians and fellows . Final report  often ends up with a cursory glance. The culture of reporting an  important aspect of LV  function is reaching a new low. It is common  to find the following terminologies  in  the  echo reports in many  parts of the country*     (Guess it is not used elsewhere ! )

  • LV function good
  • LV function adequate
  • Good bi-ventricular  function
  • LV function fair

what is adequate LV function

Among these , the term adequate LV function has caught  the  imagination  of young cardiologists ! Especially , this description  often appear in pre- operative  screening echo for non cardiac surgeries .

Recently ,one of my patient asked me what do we mean by adequate  LV function . I told  him it means nothing . . . it’s all  fancy words  !  but , generally  it is used to imply  normal LV function . . . I  clarified .

Think over for few minutes   . . . what do we  want to convey  by calling LV function  as adequate ?

Does it mean normal ?  or  Just less than normal  ?

If adequate LV function  is accepted ,  what is inadequate ?

Adequate for whom ?  For the patient ?  or  for the physician ?

Adequate  for daily activity  ?  or  Adequate to  with-stand  the proposed  surgery ?

Final message

Even  learned cardiologists indulge in this  term  frequently . This is  rather a fancy and unprofessional  way reporting LV function . They pass this  style to their residents  as well para medics .Adjectives  in medical science are not banished . . . but should be   judiciously used . In my opinion  the term adequate LV function should be removed from all echo labs .   Youngsters please  watch out.

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