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Guidelines are meant for simplifying  cardiologist’s life  as well as  ameliorating   patient suffering  . It should also  ensure  improving overall  outcome   with  efficient  use of human resources and  economy .

acc aha guidlines stemi 2013

These guidelines  are written from sophisticated centers  mainly for consumption  in developed countries .Though core  concepts will be same , many recommendations are neither possible nor desirable  at the exact point of delivery  in  less developed countries . Please remember these guidelines are not binding on you .Physician discretion is the ultimate principle in medicine.

So ,  let us read these guidelines apply our mind and try to  indigenise . Get maximum out of it  for the respective population .

Some  of the highlights in this 2013  guidelines
1. Therapeutic hypothermia should be started as soon as possible in comatose patients with STEMI and out-of-hospital cardiac arrest caused by ventricular fibrillation or pulseless ventricular tachycardia, including patients who undergo primary PCI.31–33
(Level of Evidence: B)

2 . Presumed or New onset  LBBB is no longer a Indication for emergency reperfusion

3 . Indication of Primary PCI has the following modification

Primary  pci Guideline in  2013 aha guidelines



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