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Acute stroke /ICH/SAH/ Blood pressure is 210 /120 !

You are called in to control the BP  . . . What will you do ?


Neurogenic HT is adrenergic dependent /stress related .It is  often volume independent .Nitroglycerin worsens adrenergic  hypertension by reflex tachycardia even though it may drop the initial BP .Sustained reduction won’t happen with NTG .Further , nitroglycerine is known to elevate the intra cranial pressure and worsen  the stroke laden  cortical / brain-stem  ischemia

Best drugs

  1. Alpha methyl dopa
  2. Metoprolol
  3. Labetalol

Not best ( Worst ? )

  1. Nitroglycerine ( I guess  most  would disagree with this !  how dare you call NTG useless for   controlling HT )*
  2. Calcium blocker (It is still useful for spasm prevention in SAH)
  3. Diuretics

* IV NTG is useful in some of these patients for a instant effect. However , It has a huge risk of raising intra- cranial pressure .

Final message

Control of neurgenic HT requires correction of the primary trigger namely  the neural insult .The second best option is to stop the effects  neural signal outflow  .Adrenergic  blockers are the best way to do it . All other drugs like calcium/Nitric oxide /diuretics  are non specific  and only  provide a transient relief  and may in fact aggravate sympathetic mediated hypertension.There is no harm in giving  calcium blockers but it should always be accompanied by beta blockers to bring aggressive control .

Finally , controlling hypertension in stroke is to be done  with frequent confabulations !  with neurologists ,  as blood pressure  lowering modalities  has a competing interest with brain perfusion !

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