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Looking at the neck veins for hours  together  has been a favorite pastime of our cardiology ancestors.Thanks to those sharp intellect , that has led us to this height of cardiovascular revolution. Measuring JV pressure by itself was considered a big science. Putting a patient in 45 degrees , marking the sternal angle, identify the  oscillating venous column,  measuring   the vertical distance  etc . . .

Now in 2010 , with bedside hand-held echo one can rapidly  rule out an elevated  central venous pressure by imaging the jugular vein directly . Here is an article from American heart  journal


Simon MA, Kliner DE, Girod JP, et al. Detection of elevated right atrial pressure
using a simple bedside ultrasound measure. Am Heart J 2010; 159:421–427.

Soon , your mobile will double up as ultra-portable  echocardiogram

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Coronary care in your pocket

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