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Jugular vein is a natural non invasive right heart catheter inserted permanently in the right atrium . It faithfully reflects the right heart hemo-dynamics  during  every heart beat.

The information you gather is dependent upon the time you spend and mind you you apply on this biological catheter.Wenke back did so nicely he was able to identify progressive a and c interval and a drop of c wave  before even the ECG machine was invented.

The following table  illustrates  the difference

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This was presented in the cardiology fellow training course in Chennai – March 2012

(Acknowledgement : Paul wood collection , J.K Perloff , Credit to Images from open source )

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Looking at the neck veins for hours  together  has been a favorite pastime of our cardiology ancestors.Thanks to those sharp intellect , that has led us to this height of cardiovascular revolution. Measuring JV pressure by itself was considered a big science. Putting a patient in 45 degrees , marking the sternal angle, identify the  oscillating venous column,  measuring   the vertical distance  etc . . .

Now in 2010 , with bedside hand-held echo one can rapidly  rule out an elevated  central venous pressure by imaging the jugular vein directly . Here is an article from American heart  journal


Simon MA, Kliner DE, Girod JP, et al. Detection of elevated right atrial pressure
using a simple bedside ultrasound measure. Am Heart J 2010; 159:421–427.

Soon , your mobile will double up as ultra-portable  echocardiogram

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Coronary care in your pocket

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