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AVRT is  a second commonest cause of  narrow qrs tachycardia.  While , all narrow qrs tachycardia in AVRT must be  ortho-dromic. wide qrs tachycardia in WPW  can either be ortho-dromic or anti-dromic ,

The classical one is the much popular and fancied Antidromic  AVRT . Please be reminded  AVRT can conduct  orthodromically  through AV nodal tissue  but still  become  aberrant , as it travel downwards thorough the bundles   and result in a wide qrs tachycardia .

Among the two which  is more common ?

My observation is  ortho-dromic  wide qrs  AVRT  is  more  prevalent . Do you agree ?

Final message

Not all wide qrs tachycardia  in WPW  is anti-dromic !

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