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Trans catheter  aortic valve implantation(TAVI )  is gaining acceptance  as an alternative to surgical aortic valve replacement  .It has successfully negotiated the  initial hurdles and entered the clinical domain . More and more patients receive this modality as the expertise and hardware show consistent  improvement.

Although  TAVI  is   limited to patients in high risk category for surgery , it is expected to make in roads into  intermediate  risk patients  as well  and pose a  real threat to cardiac surgeons  in the years to come .

The only  point surgeons  can rejoice is ,  it cannot be  implanted in patients with aortic regurgitation  as of now.

This video is posted  free by NEJM ,  is stunningly clear in conveying concept of TAVI !

Thank you NEJM .

And this one from  Siemens  seems to  beat the NEJM .

And  now a Hybrid  imaging  creates a virtual aorta in the  cath lab

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