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This  is the story of a 55 year old  women ,  who was received  in our CCU  with a  dramatic STEMI (ECG looked like an action potential ) ,  LV  S 3  and  hypotension.    It was impending cardiogenic shock.Since we do not have full fledged primary PCI  program  , thrombolysis was planned. She had  cardiac arrest   immediately after  starting streptokinase infusion . She  was  promptly shocked  and  revived .  The ECG changes rapidly  reversed(ECG -3) . Every other  hemodynamic parameter got stabilised as well . To our surprise   ( few hours later ) this patient  was  so comfortable , sat up on her bed ,  demanded a discharge . (Which was refused of course !)  One week  later coronary angiogram was done, a near complete recannalisation of RCA was documented.

ECG 1 on arrival
Inferior MI 2  

ECG -2 Developed cardiac arrest  10 minutes  after  starting the Streptokinase Infusion

primary VF 2

ECG -3 .Taken few minutes following   the VF

inferior MI evolved 2


Acute myocardial infarction (STEMI)  kills more than a million life every year . Majority of death  happens within an hour of onset of symptoms. Ventricular fibrillation  is the arrhythmia of death. Why this occurs  only in  few , while  many are  immune to it ?

God keeps  this secret  close to his chest ,  how and why  he selects   candidates for this arrhythmia !

Scientists are still  far away  in finding the truth . But , one thing  is obvious .The  moment   coronary artery is totally occluded  , the heart begins a fight  and try  to  get rid of this obstruction . In the process ,  it  goes into convulsion (VF)  with a foolish belief  , it  can shrug of the thrombotic insult . Death often   ensues if  not intervened . (Very rarely  VF can be a non sustained one  and patient survives cardiac arrest !)

VF  as  a electrical  response  to  reperfusion injury .

Often times ,  we witness patients  to  go  for  VF  very early following thrombolysis . The  thrombus in situ is an irritant , it  triggers the inherent fibrinolytic system (Natural TPA included) If it is successful  it opens the occlusion ( atleast partially )  and salvages the myocardium .If the fate is against  the patient , very early reperfusion of IRA triggers  VF  .  If this occurs at home   survival  is  low .If  the VF occur at hospital the probability of survival is near 100 % .

               The  intensity of  natural lytic mechanism  is the major determinant  of   early reperfusion . Ironically  the same  factor   determines  occurrence of the deadly  VF .

I would believe  , the STEMI patients  who die early (even before reaching  the hospital ) are (un) blessed with a  fighting  heart  ! Ironically , the lazy hearts  reach the hospital  alive ! (slow &  steady win the race !) .  Of course , reperfusion  injury is not the only mechanism of VF . Other common suspect is  left main STEMI .

Link to related video “Ignorance based  cardiology ”


Final message

While , VF  is  referred  to as arrhythmia  of death , it may  in-fact , represent  a common form  of  reperfusion arrhythmia in  the setting of  STEMI !  .  . .  Hence , it can  Initiate  a new lease of life in  many   lucky ones !  I hope the title of this article  makes sense  !

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