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Medical science is  nothing ,  but trying hard all possibilities. Most innovations die .Only a fraction will survive .

That does not mean we should not try ! The greatness is in accepting the failure.  The wonder drug which was an analogue of human atrial  naturetic peptide    (BNP)  Nesiritide   , died a peacful death on July 7th 2011 .

Long before , in year 2005 ,  Eric Topal in a hard hitting  Editorial  of  NEJM  wanted to hang this drug .

But it was a case of prolonged  death sentance .


Should we  pity with the drug companies  and forgive them for delaying it’s  exit ,  enable them  recover the  cost involved  .

Meanwhile , Nesiritide might have died ,  the  concept of  BNP analogues may need to be explored further.

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