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Heart rate of a tachycardia is the simplest of all  . . . but   neglected parameter by physicians.  They are often seen spending  hours together for decoding  arrhythmia , splitting their brain for locating P waves ,  VA conduction, Fusion beats etc Finally , most end up  either administering  Amiodarone a broad spectrum anti arrhythmic agent or a DC shock  without arriving at a correct diagnosis.

Here is an unusual algorithm  for arriving at a diagnosis in all tachy-arrhythmais  based only on heart rate and the width of  the qrs complex with acceptable accuracy.

(Click over the table for high resolution image )

approach to cardiac arrhythmias narrow qrs vs wide qrs brugada wellens criteria

Caution :

The above table is  an extremely simplified approach for tachy arrhythmias. Not applicable for scientifically inclined . But in my personal opinion ,  in an emergency room  pure science matters less !

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