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Intra cardiac foreign bodies are frequent occurrences  in clinical cardiology practice. The common ones  are intra chamber clots , vegetations  and rarely tumors. Some of these masses are very mobile are  precariously attached to the cardiac strutures  . It becomes a cardiac emergency as a major embolic event  is imminent .

While surgery  remains the  mainstay approach in such situations ,   now it seems possible to trap these mobile  masses with help of catheter and retrieval devices   safely.

The only  issue is , while retrieving  these masses   it  should not be let into the circulation and result in  embolisation  . For this we can develop a   porous net (Fishing net like ) that can be  blown in the distal  chamber or Aorta .

Devices can be structured in way  that a single catheter can be used with different  ports  to capture and  filter  and retrieve  the mass . (  vacuum  enabled suction catheters can be additional option  ) .The whole procedure can  be  accomplished with fluroscoy and fluroscopic guidance . Intra cardiac echocardiography might also contribute .

This innovation will    be  a great  value addition  to the  interventional  cardiology   armamentarium   ,would be   be appreciated by clinical  cardiologists . We in our tertiary  teaching hospital   have  felt  the need for a such a device quiet often  .Currently many patients land up  in  surgical tables  for the sole purpose of removing these clots and vegetations  .Similarly left atrial clots becomes  a contraindication for percutaneous   mitral  commissurotomy(PTMC)   . Such capture devices can be very useful.

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