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This  happened  in one  of the cardiology  work shops  I  recently attended ,  which  beamed  live cath lab procedures from across the  country.

An   interventional   cardiology  team  in a  bright sky  blue  suit was preparing a  patient for   graft angioplasty  in  a degenerated  SVG graft to left circumflex  . The patient had apparently had  CABG  few years ago  (LIMA to LAD still functional   )   . His LV  EF  was reported   to be  40 %.  The procedure was about to begin. The femoral artery was  being  cannulated . . .

As the audience  were encouraged  to ask questions.  A young cardiologist wanted to know what was the indication to open up the graft  / And what was  his symptom ?

“Do not ask such silly question”  . Prompt came the reply from  one  of a   senior interventional cardiologist from within the cath  lab. He further said  such questions can  not be entertained  as the   forum is meant for tips and tricks to cross a degenerated vessel graft .  When he insisted for an  answer , the entire panel  joined the  ridicule and  the questioner  quietly went out of the hall !

What  do you infer from such reaction?

What makes this question silly ? Why the cardiologist got annoyed and amused ?

This odd  reaction  implies  ,  the  cardiologist  has  something to hide or has guilt of   doing inappropriate procedure.

Such is the transparency in  cardiology workshops  transmitted  live all  over the  country  imagine   what  one can  expect in regular cath labs .

No doubt  JAMA has come out with most  important article  for us. http://jama.ama-assn.org/content/306/1/53.abstract

Live  workshops are not simply to train our hands . It is supposed to teach  us   the “what is right” and “what  is wrong” ,  “what is good” and “what is bad”  for our ailing patients. The senior  cardiologists who administer these workshops  should realise this fact. Very often a bad example is set .   When asking for  patient’s  true symptoms   looks  silly  for us  . .  .  guess where our profession is  heading for !

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