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STEMI is an cardiovascular emergency . We alert  instantly the services  of  911/108/1066 . What we fail to realise is , the  physician’s thought process  should also  be equally fast  . Before dispatching  a STEMI patient by ‘air mail” to the nearest cath lab ,   spend few thought full moments ! We have  a simple and   equally effective option  ,(If not superior )  of revascularisation  , right in your clinic or hospital ! Use it liberally , it is not a inferior treatment !

This article  is from the prestigious  journal  “Annals of emergency medicine” .It confirms a longstanding doubt regarding the efficacy of  air lifting of STEMI patients.

A shocking observation . . . is . . .  many of those patients who are air lifted  for primary PCI   receive none of revascularisation  modalities !  Learn  how  many  of our patients have a futile helicopter ride in the golden hour of STEMI  !

Final message

Even airdropping of STEMI patients to cath lab for primary PCI is not  enough in this unique   race against time  . So , in the management of STEMI ,  we need lots of non -medical  sense* !  .Please judge    “the delay”   due to transfer carefully   and  always consider administering  the thrombolytic agent  when a patient  with STEMI  arrives   within 30 minutes.

A definite primary thromolysis (Within 30 minutes ) is  often  better than a PPCI  (Potential primary  PCI), which  may  or may not materialize in time  !)

*Please  realise  even  inclement weather  and traffic jams can have a impact on coronary patency !

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What next ?   On site  mobile cathlab ?

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