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One of the greatest physicians of all time,  I have come across , is my professor Dr.T.K.Ganesan from Coimbatore medical college.

dr tkg professor t k ganesan coimbatore medical college

A man who taught  medicine to generations of doctors.During those years  (1980-1990) learning medicine was simple and also not contaminated  with  commerce . Dr TKG made it so lively .He infused passion in the subject.

dr k a sambasivam dr s venkatesan  dr tkg dr t k ganesan coimbatore medical college

Myself and Dr K.A.Sambasivam (Son in law of DrTKG at his residence in Coimbatore )

* Dr K.A .Sambasivam  was my class mate during both my under and post graduation . He is now a senior Interventional cardiologist in GKNM Hospital Coimbatore .

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