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Covid has struck hard and this time it has consumed one of the Doyens of Neurology, from Coimbatore, India –Dr.M.B.Pranesh. Privileged to have him as my professor in Coimbatore medical college, my alma mater, watched him in close quarters during my undergraduate and MD days in the late 1980s.

Still recall, how he empathizes with the patient and their family in distress, practiced medicine in the best scientific manner at the same time with a humane and philosophical touch. I can’t forget, how the little genius standing beside the comatose patients In IMCU and tells so precisely the difference between metabolic vs structural coma without even asking for a CT or MRI scan.(We learned with awe, for the first time, how hyponatremia can cause havoc to the brain)  I have seen him so tired in many days and sleeping in the ward chair for a few minutes and comes back fresh for the rounds. He used to say sleep is a luxury in our profession. What a statement to make for our generation next.

His favorite quotes are from William Osler and ask us to read the life history Harvey Cushings. He encouraged us, to learn the history of medicine. He was so emphatic to say “Unless we know how our past physicians toiled with their astuteness and hard work, we will not understand the value of clinical medicine”


One of the pure souls who showed us what is the true meaning of teaching, learning, and caring. Got this small clip, wherein he continues to wish us good.

Let his legacy live forever. 




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One of the greatest physicians of all time,  I have come across , is my professor Dr.T.K.Ganesan from Coimbatore medical college.

dr tkg professor t k ganesan coimbatore medical college

A man who taught  medicine to generations of doctors.During those years  (1980-1990) learning medicine was simple and also not contaminated  with  commerce . Dr TKG made it so lively .He infused passion in the subject.

dr k a sambasivam dr s venkatesan  dr tkg dr t k ganesan coimbatore medical college

Myself and Dr K.A.Sambasivam (Son in law of DrTKG at his residence in Coimbatore )

* Dr K.A .Sambasivam  was my class mate during both my under and post graduation . He is now a senior Interventional cardiologist in GKNM Hospital Coimbatore .

This post will be updated.

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