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Are we missing an entity called Primary cardiac neuralgia ?

Unexplained chestpain even after elaborate investigation is a very common clinical cardiac problem. Cardiac neural plexus has a complex network with mainly autonomic network ,with somatic projections. Neural dysfunction could occur in any organ which has rich neural network.Diabetes is the classical example of cardiac autonomic dysfunction and result in silent ischemia. The same disease can result in stimulation of type c nerve fibres that could result in cardiac neuralgic pain , which we may wrongly attribute to ischemia. One of the manifestation of this phenomenon occurs in syndrome X .

Future research is aimed at

Imaging cardiac neurons and sympathetic receptors will shed light on this . But clinical experience has taught us there should be many other sources of cardiac pain other than ischemia and neural pain definitely plays an important role.

It may take years to prove this by evidence !

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