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Echocardiography  has  evolved over half a century . As it was pioneered by cardiologists , it is  still  believed to be an  exclusive tool of cardiologists ! In reality , it can have a wide spread clinical application  , as we recognize now.

Echocardiography can be useful in the assessment of

  • Central volume  status of a person in shock .It  can be  analysed by IVC diameter ,(IVC < 1cm hypovolemia >2cm elevated CVP ,
  • Assessing rehydration  by Tricuspid  flow velocity .
  • Acute pulmonary embolism , the first change could be  dilatation of  main pulmonary artery( later  RV )
  • ECHO can be a screening tool for any patient in shock  or acute dyspnea.
  • All neurologic emergencies -To screen  for cardiac source of embolus
  • Pericardial space assessment in  suspected tamponade.
  • It is of vital use in suspected acute aortic syndromes.
  • Even , live hemodynamic data from TEE probe  is possible in a critically ill person.

Here is  a 5 star rated website , dedicated to critical care Echocardiography


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