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Failed thrombolysis is a well debated concept, while failed primary PCI is a conveniently neglected phenomenon .

How to assess successful reperfusion following PCI or thrombolysis?

I do not know how many  of us know this vital fact !

Coronary angiogram is squarely beaten by the humble  ECG in assessing the effectiveness of myocardial  reperfusion . This is not hard to understand as  coronary angiogram *  can  tell us only  about epicardial  patency ,  while ECG  sends vital perfusion  data from within the  myocytes ! Which do you  think is superior ?

And now  interventional cardiologist have realised this fact . they  measure the ST segment  regression instantly once the primary  PCI is  completed . How ?  An ECG is recorded from  right inside the infarct  related artery .

*Of course myocardial blush score , TIMI frame count are poor alternatives !

This paper just published in CCI is  a fascinating revelation .


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