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Medical imaging technology is the fastest growing  sub specialty in medicine .Now,  we can image almost every organ in detail in our biological system.With capsule  endoscopy one can visualise deep interiors of intestines,  we can get into the coronary artery  by angioscopy.We can even image the molecular metabolism within the cells.

While  , we   feel elated about all these technologies , every emergency  physician  will awkwardly recall how difficult  it is  to  visualise a structure  , located  just few centi- meters  beneath our throat called vocal cords  .

I am sure more  lives are lost in this world by delayed and difficult  intubation than any thing else  in medical emergencies. Cardiac arrest can be tackled lot easier as the defibrillator is largely independent of  rescuer expertise .Intubation of airway is vitally  dependent on expertise.

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When we are able to visualise the  deep segments of bronchus  with  fibro-optic scopy ,  why there has not been a  simple , practical ,cheap optical solution to the   superficial structure namely the larynx ? Human mind is too  funny ,  if  only larynx was deeper  our scientists  would have discovered such a  device very early .  Since it is just below the oral  cavity  no body  thought it is  worth to  discover a  scopy for that !

Now  the long wait is  over ,  we have a tool called Airtraq .There needs to be further refining of this device .

Is it possible for the tips of endotracheal tubes to  have  cameras  that  transmit  live images wireless ?  , which  can guide the tube   straight to the trachea .

We have twin cameras for our fancy cell phones while the life saving tracheal tubes are as blind as ever !

It is argued more such devices should flood the market . Every doctor and paramedical  worker should acquire one  ( Preferably  integrated to their phones ) Imagine if they  can beam the live pictures of the vocal card into their trendy  3 inch  screens of  i Phones . This could be the greatest revolution to occur in cardiopulmonary resuscitation .

(Airtraq please note this . . .I do not need a  royalty for  the  Idea !)

Final message

It  is vital for the   emerging technologies  , to be intelligently used  for the   betterment of our patients. When video  phones  calls transmit  live action  to  our mobiles  across the continents  ,   Is it not  funny we struggling    hard to get a good image of human vocal cords   that are  sitting  just few cm below the throat !

Let us think simple for complex problems .  Many breakthroughs  will automatically  happen.

Three cheers to the developer of this Airtraq device !

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