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Healthy heart syndrome (HHS) . This is  essentially a state of mind  , being in constant worry  that something  will happen to their  heart , in spite of  having  normal parameters.

HHS is a new age medical entity  of   the mankind   .  Here  the heart suffers   because  of excessive  knowledge  , affluence and entry of market forces into health care .

  • It is often a media driven frenzy . Having an insurance policy is the biggest risk factor
  • May be cured after taking few scans and some times end up in invasive Angiograms or even a PCI
  • In a  few it takes a course of  malignant anxiety disorder . Those afflicted indulge in daily BP check weekly cholesterol check , monthly cardiologist visit and yearly  64 slice CT scan.
  • Curiously ,   the definite cure  occurs only    after they suffer a heart attack .This makes them less anxious as the inevitable  has  been experienced .
  • There are occasions when too much anxiety  (for not developing a heart problem !)  will trigger a real event .
  • Some of the   medical institutions and health care providers   are also part of the problem as  many  of them perpetuate the condition as  they  keep these vulnerable  people (with healthy heart) guessing  and  do not fully disclose the reality .
  • The incidence of HHS seems to be rampant  as  there are  recurring instances of multiple stents deployed  in  apparently healthy hearts  .

Final message : Let us suffer from disease not from health !

While , many  patients with  multiple blocks ,  bye -pass surgeries   and  half- functioning  hearts  ,  lead  a   near normal life  ,  it is  ironical ,  a substantial number suffer    with  HHS and inappropriate  interventions .

Let us hope ,  modern medicine  which  goes deep into Nano medicines  and bio Robotics look  into this issue also !

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