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Only fools will   manage unstable angina  medically !
That was exactly the statement ,  one popular Interventional  cardiologist   told a small gathering  in one of the weekly meet .
Do you agree ? 
We can’t  make a blanket  statement like that . We have clear  guidelines (Of course as licensed and certified cardiology  practitioner  you have  every right to violate it !)  .
UA is risk stratified in Low , Intermediate and High risk  categories .Only high risk group  require emergency Intervention .Even in high risk group there are some reservation.(ICTUS  study )
There are some very mild forms of  UA (High grade stable angina precipitated by an emotional stress will exactly mimic UA. Similarly most  secondary UA due to tachyardia , Anemia  etc should not  cause an alarm .)
*Please note  , currently coronary angiogram is included in medical  investigation  in most  patients with UA . The  confusion in interpreting  such statements  is partly because many physicians/ cardiologists consider  doing a coronary angiogram by itself an  Interventional  management

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