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Left atrial clot is a  traditional contraindication for performing PTMC.  This rule was formed in the early days of PTMC.

PTMC  recently celebrated  its 25th birth day .  In India  it was  first  done by   GB Pant hospital by  Kallilulah in early 1980s.

Now most  centers  do it  routinely   like a diagnostic angiogram.  Even fellows can do it  with ease. (If allowed !)

We have learnt  the nuances  of septal puncture , maneuvering the transpetal needle and  the balloon  catheter  within the LA in the last two decades.it is also becoming clear  how the IAS anatomy  behaves in various LA and RA sizes  and pressures . So , the experts (Read again         . .  .experts !)  have relaxed the rule of the PTMC game !

PTMC  can safely be  done  if the LA   clot is confined to  the appendage  .Even clots  abutting just  out of LAA appendage  may  be tried if you have the expertise  akin to  Dr Manjunath and  his team  from the garden city of India .(Jayadev  institute ,  Bangalore probably has the largest  talent  pool for PTMC , In fact  they have  classified the LA clot according to size and location .)  Read the reference below.

If a cardiologist  is allowed to meddle the LA  filled with clot ,  why not a surgeon  do  a CMC   in the presence of LA clot ?

I believe old generation surgeons did it. I am told few surgeons  have specail talents to deliver LA clot off pump and complete a successful CMC   with lateral thoracotomy .  Fresh un organised clot can be flushed out of LA .
But currently doing a CMC  with LA clot is considered unscientific . Further  surgeons  often consider CMC as an inferior Job .They love to go on pump  and replace mitral valve with a  slightest provocation .  It need  be realised a half functional native  valve  is at any time   better than an artificial valve . In  developing countries    CMC  would make lot of sense when we confront with small LAA clots . One can do 5 CMCs at the cost of one mitral valve . Surgeons comments are welcome.


What  will happen  if LA cot gets accidentally dislodged ?

A stroke  or a systemic vascular event may occur  , but it depends upon the embolus size .Up to 2mm clot  debri can easily cross the cerebral  microcirculation and escape a major stroke.Showers of micro emboli can cause a lacunar infarct or vascular dementia.

By the way ,  I am curious to know what will happen to  these  clots after successfully  opening the mitral valve by         PTMC*  ?

PTMC can not be claimed as a cure  as long as the patient harbors the clot in a precarious location . So it  needs intensive oral anticoagualtion (or even heparin ) and many times we have observed these small clots disappear .

*Logic would  suggest an LA clot  with a  closed  mitral  valve  could be  much safer ! many times we have seen large LA clots struggle to get past the mitral valve because of critical stenosis.

A video of mobile LV clot from our institute . http://www.youtube.com/user/venkatesanreddi#p/u/40/zHdPtm32YZQ

Here there is no chance of PTMC ,  however good you are !

Future innovations

  • Distally  protected PTMC
  • Either you should trap it and remove it or desiccate it into minor particles.
  • Basket in root of aorta to capture  the clot in transit   may be a good  concept to try.

What  happens to LA clot following long term oral anticoagulations ?

Most disappear according to a study from JIPMER , Pondicherry , India .


Excellent PTMC  data   from Pakistan and Sudan

If you want to learn about PTMC  please note  the experts are not  in Cleveland clinic  or  from Great ormond  street

they are from the remote third world locations .



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