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mid diastolic murmur

mid diastolic murmur in  sinus rhythm

With the onset of Atrial fibrillation

  1. The  first heart sound becomes variable in Intensity (Soft to loud in pliable valve / Soft to softer in calcified valve )
  2. Opening snap continue to occur as long as the  valves are  pliable and noncalcified  .The timing may vary but Intensity remain same .
  3. A 2-OS interval is usually less influenced by AF  as it is primarily determined by mean LA pressure at the onset of diastole which has little variation beat to beat .
  4. Length of the diastolic murmur varies . In Short cycles  MDM  can be  very brief  or even in audible.
  5. In long cycles MDM will be distinct.
  6. A late diastolic murmur in long cycle indicates severe MS.
  7. Even pre-systolic accentuation may be appreciable in some of the long cycles .

Link  to  Echo Image of  Mitral stenosis .


How to assess the severity of  MS in the presence of AF ?

  1. Presence of AF by itself indicate presence of severe MS  in most .
  2. A2-OS interval  may be useful
  3. Concentrate on long cycle .Look for ( rather listen !)  for late diastolic component of  MDM .If  you hear it ,  MS is usually severe

Other signs  are often useful

Low volume pulse

Inconspicuous LV impulse

Presence  of  any significant Pulmonary hypertension

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