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Mechanism of chest pain in mitral valve prolapse  include

  1. Mitral valve  has pain fibers , the myxomatous degeneration  of the valve tissue generates pain .* (Not much evidence )
  2. Mitral valve stress, strain ,  stretch and bending.
  3. Mechanical stretch  of papillary muscle or LV free wall (dimple ?  ) as the mitral valve prolapse into LA.
  4. It is a central pain perception disorder .Panicky and anxiety reactions included
  5. It is not chest pain  at all it is simply a feeling of palpitation .
  6. Associated ischemic  heart disease

The commonest mechanisms  are   response  4 and 5 .

The evidence  lies in the fact ,  many of  these people  begin to complain of chest pain only after being aware this problem. MVPS is  often a  fancy entity created by cardiologists  which  unfortunately has  labeled  many of the normal  general population as cardiac patients. Barlow who described this entity  decades ago  would have never imagined  it  would be  so popular and subjected to mis-use . We have proposed a solution for this . The diagnosis of MVPS shall not be mentioned unless it is obvious  and fulfill a strict criteria . The commonest error we make is  an elongated , redundant , hyper mobile mitral leaflet   at   as  MVPS.

It is expected  ,  true MVPS must have all of the following  three criteria

  • Thickened leaflets
  • Clear prolapse of  at least one leaflet in long axis view beyond the plane  of  mitral annulus
  • At least some degree of mitral  regurgitation must be present

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