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Ever since coronary stents were introduced   metal market is having a  good time within human coronary arteries.The search  for the the elusive , ideal metal is still on   . . .  Nickel , stainless steel  , platinum  etc .

Some body thought , why not gold ?

For long ,  gold is known to be a good bio -compatible metal .

Two Gold stents were tried  .

  • Inflow dynamics  – AG Germany
  • Boston scientific –  NIR stent

Surprisingly , both showed   increased reactivity  with  coronary endothlium . The verdict  was  clear . Gold coated stent  was not good enough.


Gold allergy


Final message

With the advent of DES ,  gold coating of stents lost it’s popularity  .Unless  new innovations happen in gold metallurgy , the  future looks bleak  for this precious metal  , at-least  in  the human coronary arteries.

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