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Cardiology as  a specialty  has grown faster than any other field in medicine.  From  the days of  Da -vinci and  William Harvey  ,  the  urge to understand the  intricacies of  anatomy and physiology of this organ that sustain the rhythm of life ,   life was tremendous .

Heart was a gift of life  by God to the man kind

  • Few men dreamed about it.
  • Few were simply fascinated by it .
  • Some   exploited it in the name of science .
  • Only   few  spent the entire life  for it   ,  explored it  passionately . . . truly and genuinely .

One such person , we should all celebrate is Noble  O  Fowler  From Cincinnati USA. This unassuming  ,(In contrast to  some of the current hyped up  achievers !) has kindled thirst in the subject to many  youngsters .

His remarkable achievement included

  • The  pioneering thoughts about pre-infarction angina (Now labeled as unstable angina)
  • Pericardial physiology and pathology
  • A overall approach to cardiac patient with shrewed physiological and pathological sense.

His book cardiac diagnosis was a exclusively authored by him is still considered as unique as his life.

Some how this book never got published beyond the 1980 s.

I personally  dedicate this  little service to cardiology literature to the legacy of Noble O Fowler.

A tribute by his Collegue Robert J Adokph


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