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In one of  our patients  who had a recent STEMI , CAG revealed  70% LAD  lesion  with   TIMI 1  flow .The distal run off was slow .He had moderate LV dysfunction with no major symptoms. The angiogram was done routinely .( Yes . . . routine CAG- the term I do not relish ,  while it is becoming a way of  life for all learned cardiologists !)

I  was discussing   this case with my fellows and  about medical management of CAD. I  told them  Aspirin will help prevent ACS, statins will stabilise the plaques , beta blocker would prevent cardiac  events by blunting adrenergic surges and Nitrates is a powerful coronary vasodilator that  will improve the  coronary blood flow

A final year MD fellow  threw a  direct  question at me .

Sir,  do you mean  Nitrates  would increase the  TIMI  flow from 1 to 3  in the long term in this patient ?

I was taken-aback  for a moment . . .   and thanked my student for a valid question .

Nitroglycerine is  a powerful coronary vasodilator  we are taught for nearly  half a century . Oral nitrates are used  liberally in the chronic management of  angina. It is a multi billion  dollar market.

Has it been documented to improve coronary blood flow in the long term ?


Why then it is  used long term ?

It is a clear case  of  inappropriate medical therapeutics .

* The confusion is partly due to our mix up the mechanism of  relief of angina from coronary vasodilataion. Realistically , NTG should me known  more as a powerful venodilator reducing the preload . It  dramatically reduces the LV filing pressure  and relieves sub-endocardial stress  .This is the major determinant for angina relief .(Of course after-load reduction also helps)

Final message

Nitrates  should be used only for relief of an episode of angina or just to prevent It .This may surprise you  , Nitrates has no documented  efficacy  in the long term management  of angina.

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