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Magnesium   is a powerful anti-arrhythmic drug . It has a well  established role in controlling VT when administered  Intravenously   especially in polymorphic VT .

Mechanism of action

  • It acts at the cell membrane.
  • It has a unique action of blocking calcium channels  that reduces the number of oscillations of  both  early and late  after potentials

Link for more  on mechanism  of action


How often cardiologists administer oral magnesium for long-term control of VT ?

As for as I know ,  no one uses it ! but dietary  supplements are used for general well  being .

Why ? Is it because

  1. Magnesium does not get absorbed in the gut
  2. Magnesium levels are un- predictable in plasma if administered orally

Answer : No one has really tried  it as a  chronic therapy in VT  yet  !

Final Message

Tablet Magnesium can give a tough fight to Amiodarone and Flecanaide in refractory VT at a fraction of the cost !

Who has the audacity  to  compare Magnesium  with Amiodarone head on ?


Magnesium as health supplement . 

Magnesium is available  in tablet form as  Malate , Stearate, Taurate and Aspartate  along with calcium and Zinc etc .

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