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Most important MCQ in clinical cardiology

Many cardiologists  would love to do away with detailed  clinical examination because  . . .

  1. They think it is an inferior job to do  . By skipping  it , they get a false sense of superiority.
  2. It is a time killer  and eat into precious cath-lab  time
  3. They no longer believe in  these “perceived – primitive” medical methods.
  4. Fear of colleagues making  fun of hem if they  indulge  in detailed clinical examination.( At-least in India ! )
  5. To give more job opportunities  to para medics.
  6. They are no longer confident about making a good clinical examination as they  are neither  trained  adequately nor interested in it !

Answer :  All of the above can be true .  The 6th response is  likely to be  more  correct !

While cath labs can prevent few deaths occasionally . . . it is the general wards and OPDs that add life every day

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