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How to manage an  asymptomatic 45 year old man with  90 %  mid  LAD lesion  , with  FFR  .9   who is  stress test  positive at 9 Mets  ?

Six  cardiologists and six responses   . . .  and the elusive seventh sense

  1. FFR is most scientific test to assess  physiology of coronary stenosis  . I will  go with that  and put this patient under  medical management.
  2. I agree with FFR, still the  patient has no symptoms  , but why the hell is EST  + ve ?  I am confused  .
  3. I would definitely stent the lesion irrespective of the symptoms .
  4. I would order a stress thallium . I do not believe in FFR
  5. The data provided  is insufficient. I would like to this patient in my clinic , and if necessary  may  order a fresh CAG.
  6. For a 90 % LAD  lesion FFR should not have been done in the first place .That is the root of the confusion. He should have received a stent long back .

Final message

FFR is  a terrible concept   for two reasons . One ,  it never bothers about flow across  a lesion. It simply  relies upon  pressure drop. we all know  there  is an intricate relationship   between pressure and flow . Simple pressure drop can never be  expected to translate into incremental flow in biological systems .The  second major limitation is  it  ignores the  morphology of the lesion . We know an eccentric soft  lesion with a  good distal   FFR  is  live  coronary explosive .

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