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We do come  across ,  even  senior  cardiologists , who  tend to undermine  the importance  of  poster  presentations in scientific  conferences   (I know a  few ,  who  ridicule it as well  ? ) .

                      Is  it not a meanly  job   for  a  cardiologist  to paste a  poster  and stand  beside  it  for hours  , waiting for scientifically motivated audience !

But , what really matter is the thoughts ,  concepts  and often the hard work   that brings  these  posters to  big league  conferences .

Please remember   abstract posters  must cross the hurdle of  the conference peer review  committee’s scrutiny . Often times   the poster arenas   has  launched  some crazy ideas  ,  transform  them to  great  discoveries.

If   only  , Gruentzig had shied  away from the poster  he famously  pasted on lawns of   ACC  , Annual scientific sessions ,Florida

1975     .  .  .  the    revolutionary  concept  of  PTCA   would still be  in utero  !

Final message

I argue the young  fellows in cardiology to send as many  scientific  abstracts as  possible   in their  national or international  meets  . This is  where the  the future of cardiology lies ! Simply don’t  bother about the critics  .

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