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It is believed  T wave alternans  is a marker of impending ventricular fibrillation. Though it is not applicable in every clinical setting it is indeed true if we observe T wave alternans in an acute ischemic setting .Here is a patient with  ACS and inferior MI who developed T wave alternans after temporary pacing.

T waves alternans torades de pointes 3

t wave alternans

T waves alternans torades de pointes

went in  for a chaotic  T wave rhtythm  and ended up in VF that  required s shock.T wave  alternans is other wise known as repolarisation alternans .

Twist dance of Heart

Torsedes is twist around it’s axis.   Any   ECG wave  can twist in it’s axis .If T wave alternans  becomes gross it will twist 180 degrees   .Once this happens the heart can go for  fibrillation any moment !

Final message

Extreme form of T wave alternans would result in  complete twisting of repolarization vector which is a  harbinger of ventricular fibrillation

I wish  this can be referred to as Torsades  “T” pointes instead of  Torseades “de” pointes


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