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Sharing and caring for  others  is the  unique human nature . Some believe this is  now gradually   becoming  rare in human domain ,   but still  found in plenty among  animal species. While modern human  likes to live independently  wants to stand on his own legs  our  biological system still  think differently .

A 40-year-old man with diabetes and hypertension with class 3 angina had this angiogram

RCA to LAD collaterals

A different view

RCA to LAD in RAO caudal view

See , how a  pair of  human coronary arteries  mutually  help   their  colleague  at times of distress !

The astonishing observation is ,  the  RCA even as its suffering  with  a severe,   long segment disease it  helps out-of-the-way ,  with a long arm  of  support to  the entire LAD . While , the LCX reciprocates  the RCA by sending  thank you twigs to distal RCA

LCX sending reciprocating twigs to RCA

By the way , this patient was referred  for CABG after an   intense  debate in the cath meeting  .The argument ranged from medical management /PCI/CABG.

The key question were

  • How good is the collateral’s and what  are the chances of  graft flow  exceeding the collateral  blood flow ?
  • What is the effect of CABG on the existing collateral’s ?

Final message

Coronary arteries  has unique sense of sharing and friendship at times of vascular crises.

This is the fundamental basis for   coronary collateral circulation .

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