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Sharing and caring for  others  is the  unique human nature . Some believe this is  now gradually   becoming  rare in human domain ,   but still  found in plenty among  animal species. While modern human  likes to live independently  wants to stand on his own legs  our  biological system still  think differently .

A 40-year-old man with diabetes and hypertension with class 3 angina had this angiogram

RCA to LAD collaterals

A different view

RCA to LAD in RAO caudal view

See , how a  pair of  human coronary arteries  mutually  help   their  colleague  at times of distress !

The astonishing observation is ,  the  RCA even as its suffering  with  a severe,   long segment disease it  helps out-of-the-way ,  with a long arm  of  support to  the entire LAD . While , the LCX reciprocates  the RCA by sending  thank you twigs to distal RCA

LCX sending reciprocating twigs to RCA

By the way , this patient was referred  for CABG after an   intense  debate in the cath meeting  .The argument ranged from medical management /PCI/CABG.

The key question were

  • How good is the collateral’s and what  are the chances of  graft flow  exceeding the collateral  blood flow ?
  • What is the effect of CABG on the existing collateral’s ?

Final message

Coronary arteries  has unique sense of sharing and friendship at times of vascular crises.

This is the fundamental basis for   coronary collateral circulation .

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Coronary artery disease is the major determinant of human  health and longevity  in this  modern era! Obstruction of a coronary artery either sudden or gradual  forms the basis of  CAD .

When a free flowing  river stumbles upon an  obstruction , it does not die , it finds it’s way to the sea. Similarly , God is kind enough to provide  alternate channels for blood flow to heart at times of crisis .Contrary to the perception , collaterals develop not only in chronic occlusions but also in acute occlusions.

A person who dies due to a primary VF few minutes after an acute occlusion is in all probability experiences his fate  ! While those who survive are protected by the immediate recruitment of collaterals and this prevents the   remote myocardium  from triggering a VF.

In chronic CAD, the collaterals are much more effective. Now we have evidence with OAT and COURAGE *trials for this. Some times , the LAD is fully supported by the RCA the flow is better than a graft.

*These trials showed us opening occluded coronary arteries routinely do not confer additional benefits.

Coronary collateral circulation is most poorly understood phenomenon in cardiology. But it comes as helping hand whenever required  only for those humans who deserve it !  God has kept the secrets of coronary  collateral circulation with himself !

A excellent article on natural by pass from circulation patient pages.


Link to related you tube video


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Coronary collateral circulation is the most poorly understood, and often neglected concept among the cardiology community.There is a general perception , in obstructive CAD ,  coronary collaterals are an inferior modality of  back up blood supply than artificial collateral (Also called CABG ) ! One of the reasons,  it is   been ridiculed by many  mainstream cardiologists is   because  , it comes by nature , and also free of cost !

The often quoted statement* ,collateral blood flow can not sustain blood flow during exercise ,  is not based on solid scientific data. In the real world , there are thousands of patients actively pursuing life with chronic total occlusion and good collaterals.

It is surprising , there is no  physiologically valid ,  controlled study available to compare CABG with natural collaterals

*When repeatedly told , a  statement becomes a fact !

It can be assumed (Unscientifically ofcourse ! )   the  remarkable  success  of medical therapy  in COURAGE  and the OAT * study  can be attributable to the naturally occurring coronary collateral circulation.

* Summary of COURAGE & OAT : A   block  in the coronary artery  need not be opened  to prolong human survival !

You draw your own conclusions from the  following case study

A 40 year old women , with stable angina and good physical activity

Her angiogram shows.


RCA injection


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