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Infective endocarditis  remains a  major cardiac emergency.

Medical management has an initial role and  the many will require some form of surgery

( Mainly valve  replacement). But the surgeons request a realtively stable patients to operate upon as

surgical mortality is high in patients with uncontrolled infection and destabilsed CHF.

Even though there are battery of antibiotics, and volumes of texts written on the medical management

of infective endocarditis the medical therapy fails in bulk of the patients.

We have observed  emprical (Scientific guess work ) therapy has helped many patients .

While rifampicin according to scientific worls it’s useful only in prosthetic valve endocardtis

we have found it quiet useful in all resistant IE patients.

IE being a chronic inflammatory state rifampicin might work 

also as an anti inflammatory or immune   modulator.

This paper was presented in Cardiological society of India , Annual scientific sessions at  Mumbai 2005 . Download PPT


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