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In the early  20th century , Waller invented the ECG machine. Wilson  created  leads and  methods to record it. Eienthoven  formulated the concepts the electrical theory behind ECG.

Between 1940-197os one man ruled supreme in the world of electro cardiography .   He is Dr Sodi pallares from Mexico. His deep insights revolutionised  and helped  us  understand how the cardiac electricity is generated  and propagated  in various pathological states that is the beginning new age electrocardiography! It adds much to his  credit , as in those days scientists  from non American and European countries   were hard to come  in the  global limelight.

Some of his thought processes and Inventions

  • He laid the foundation  for deductive electrocardiography.
  • Applied  vectorocardiographic  principles to scalar  ECG and helped  understand mechanism of ventricular chamber enlargements
  • He was instrumental  to analyse  the genesis of current from the myocardium . He tried to reason out  the contribution  of  cell metabolism, hypoxia, electrolytes to the current genesis.
  • Polarising myocardium with GIK infusion STEMI was proposed by him
  • Finally he tried to incorporate the laws of thermodynamics into electrocardiography .

Please remember , Sodi pallare’s  conscience  is still largely unexplored .There are lots of hidden truths .We now know fever can influence qrs voltage and febrile illness can trigger  ventricular tachycardia as in  of Brugada syndromes.

Today’s youngsters can take a  few cues from this great man and enlighten the field of electro-cardiology


Demetrio Sodi Pallares (1913-2003 )

If  modern-day cardiologist is able to  interpret the  ECG by a cursory 3 second scan of  strip of waves  , we are greatly  indebted to the knowledge imbibed by this great man from Mexico !

Sodi pallares



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