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What  is the   “secret of success”   among current generation  cardiologists ?

A . Strong foundations in cardiology with excellent clinical skills and a rational approach to the given problem.

B.  The  secret lies in the  nimble  fingers  which  acts  almost , like an extension of catheters  in cath lab !

C.  The speed with which he can mobilise a cath lab team in an ” off – office hour”  primary  PCI !

D. It is the the cunning art of  converting coronary  angiograms into angioplasties , by lucid  discussions  with patients and their   relatives  in the the silent cath lab corridors  !


When this question was posed to a group of cardiologists ,  D  was considered  most important B,and C came close behind   and   A  was  probably least important  and few thought  “A” character  is rather an  impediment to  become a successful cardiologist !

*Unfortunately a successful cardiologist is defined in India by number of angioplasties he does per month, What  a disgrace to a great medical specialty called cardiology !

What is normal CAG to angioplasty conversion ratio ?

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