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A young  man  fell  off the tread mill  soon  after complaining of chest pain in the immediate recovery  phase.

He had just completed 8 minutes of standard Bruce without any difficulty .

Even as the defibrillator was being  moved near him , he was  successfully   shocked with hands  of a hefty nurse !  ( 25 joules ? )   . He  got into this rhythm !

Note the ECG shows diffuse ST elevation .  The ECG soon settled and a diagnosis of  variant angina was  presumed.

He was shifted to CCU. There was no elevation of enzymes , though he showed a transient wall motion defect lasting up to 48 hours.

The subsequent elective  angiogram did not reveal any critical CAD favoring  Prinzmetal angina.

Provocative tests for vaso spasm is not practiced in our part of the world  (I wonder  whether it is still in vogue at all !)

* The classical  angina of prinzmetal is not related to exertion .  Can we call this as a variant of the variant angina ?

Final message

  • VTs are rare arrhythmias  during EST. However , there are important link between exertion ,  VPDs and VT .
  • Exercise induced RVOT  VTs are  supposed  to  more  common. However , ischemic VT during exercise has to be ruled out in every patient.
  • Non sustained VTs in patients who have baseline VPDs are usually benign .
  • Paradoxically VPDs disappear in many  during exertion indicating overdrive suppression by sinus rate .This again can be ignored.
  • Mono morphic VTs  would suggest structural defects.
  • Polymorphic VTs during exercise indicate either ischemia or electrolytic origin

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ECG Courtesy:  Dr G.Gnanvelu MD,DM  Professor of cardiology . Madras medical college

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