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I wish to  be in New Zealand , not only because of the stunning  natural beauty but also to pay tribute to one of the great  cardiac surgeons  of our time from Auckland .
An alluring  country side cricket ground  abutting the runway  . . . Queenstown I think !

Sir Brian Gerald Barratt-Boyes (1924-2006), Who pioneered all forms of  heart surgery that  specifically included  complex congenial heart disease . Thousands of Kiwi   children are alive and leading a  magnificent life today  because of this  man from Green lane an alumni of Mayo .

barret boyce tof intra cardiac repair cardiac surgeon

Many heart surgeons from India and Asia pacific have trained under him .


Green lane Hospital Auckland.

This is the  hospital where Barrat Boyes worked headed the department of cardiac surgery .He had to over come large bureaucratic hurdles before becoming world ‘s leading cardiac surgery center. And , he lives everyday  in all cardiac units   through this book .

barratt boyce kirklin

Here is a link to pay tribute to this extraordinary man.

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There are many wonderful books for learning clinical cardiology.J.K.Perlof’s clinical cardiology,  Jonathan Abrams , are popular ones. Clinical chapters in  Noble O  Fowler is a  wonderful reference .

My choice for the top slot is  by Signs and symptoms in cardiology”   by Horwitz and Groves .They wrote this master piece

from a relatively  unassuming  US city, University of  Colorado.  Denver .Published by J.B.Lippincott company in 1985.

I am  not sure , any further edition of this book  has come .

Young cardiology residents  must first  identify  good  books    . . . reading comes next !

What to buy this book ? .Try  at Amazon .


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Manuals are not only for doctors . There are few heart  maintenance manuals for patients as well.

This one from Philadelphia ,  is worth reading and of-course  following  thereafter  !


Some books can be as effective as CABG or PCI .

This  one is definitely in that league  . . .

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Medicine is an art , evolving art to be precise .We need to use our sixth , if not , the  seventh sense !  constantly to  improve the quality of life our clients  -The human beings.

If only we learn to think right  . . . Always right . . . we can bring the heaven of health to the earth

This book  fascinates .

Click for a  preview in Google.com


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Here is one of   the  very good resource   for  all those basic questions we often ask  in pediatric cardiac catheterisation. Mind you ,  great books do not come free of cost .

Have a preview . Thanks to Google books

Click on the book to enter  , if  you are lucky you will get the  information you need   free  . . .

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