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Non invasive imaging of inflamed macrophages  within athersclerosis

The medical  imaging science is  reaching new heights. With most of the  research so far within the anatomical arena we are moving into the  physiologic  and metabolic  imaging. Identifying vulnerable  plaques  within the coronary  artery is a separate field. Most of them are catheter based and invasive investigations.

We  have ben  searching for an  ideal PET scan based metabolic imaging of atherosclerosis. Macrophages are the key elements in an inflamed plaque.

Image Source : Circulation. 2008;117:379-387 .Note the Acttive Macrophages in the Aortic arch area and Coronary ostia

Can we take a photograph of these  inflamed zones   within  the  atherosclerotic plaque  ?

  • It seems we are approaching  that possibility. Every time we screen a person for CAD we can risk stratify on the basis of  percentage inflammation of their coronary artery or aorta .
  • This will complement the CT  or conventional angiogram .
  • If this technology is perfected it can be useful in the evaluation of response to medical interventions .
  • It  could also tel us  the  significance of  raised CRP /cytokines in other wise asymptomatic individuals

PET scan with newer tracers are constantly evolving . One such tracer is  based on copper molecule   64cu-TNP.





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