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Acute coronary syndrome is the number one cardiac emergency .In any coronary care unit there are vital differences  between men and women in terms of ACS presentation and outcome . Though there can be variation in ethnic , geographical   factors .The following is   an observation  from one of the Asia’s oldest  and  largest coronary care unit over a period of 40 years . (Madras medical college Chenna ,India )

There is  very significant gender advantage in the incidence of ACS. The male female ratio is consistently around  4: 1 .This Indicates for every day , men suffer from ACS  by four  fold more .This is a very hard data can not be ignored . Women present to the hospital much later than men .This may be due to increased tolerance of pain, social issues  waiting for their spouse to arrive etc

  • There is a  significant  difference in the pattern of ACS in men and women . Men present with STEMI  and women present with more of NSTEMI . In  NSTEMI  the gender ratio is dramatically equal 1 :1 .
  • Explosive chest pains are less common in women .
  • For some unknown reason  diabetes  afflicts  women with a  greater ferocity  !
  • Similarly  it appears  obesity and dyslipidemia has more significance in women
  • Sudden cardiac death and primary VF is many fold less common in women.
  • Mechanical complications like mitral regurgitation and ventricular septal rupture are several fold higher in women (Weak muscle low muscle mass ?)
  • Thrombolytic success is slightly lower in women than men .
  • The overall outcome in ACS is same as men .Some say women fare  worse  .This is important because while they are protected heavily against development of CAD once they develop it  the outcome seems  exempted  from the gender advantage .The reason for this is not clear

Final message

Women show their  unique way   in ACS  too ! Some   of them are  true  advantages  while  few are disadvantages .The mechanism for these differences  can not be entirely attributable to presence or absence of  estrogen . The hard fact is ,  women always score over men in the tolerance levels and  deal effectively stress situations .  It would appear Women’s body   easily nullify adrenergic triggers .


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