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Amiodarone acts  by

  1. Correcting the  rhythm  to sinus .
  2. Controls  ventricular rate  alone
  3. Does both ?

Answer is 3

How can it correct the rhythm alone ?  If  the rhythm is corrected ,  rate will automatically be controlled,  unless Amiodarone converts AF into Sinus tachycardia  which is very unlikely !

Of course  Amidarone  is not a  magic drug .The success rate of  Amiodarone  restoring  sinus rhythm is far . . . far less . . . than our expectations ! . It fails to  convert to sinus rhythm in a significant chunk *. Interestingly ,   it may still  control the  ventricular response  by its beta blocking action .

*Our estimate is , the failure rate Amiodarone  is  between  30-40%  or even higher ,  as   bulk of AF we witness   is due to Rheumatic heart disease.

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